SPCA Tampa Bay 28th Annual Pet Walk

Paw Walks of Life

Welcome to Paw Walks of Life! We are so happy to have you be part of the team! We have all types of fur babies that we call our own, whether we adopted or got from a breeder or a friend, they are still ours and we love them. We all know that the SPCA Tampa Bay is a great place to get a rescued friend, but they also need funds and other ways to keep our friends happy, and that is why we are doing this walk. We get excercise and the SPCA gets the money that we raised for the walk....a win, win situation. The goal is set at $1000 for our group, which we know that we can get it. If we get more, that would be awesome, if we don't, that is still awesome because every bit helps. Thank you for joining the team, we appreciate you and what you are doing to help our friends at the SPCA Tampa Bay.

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